Daddy, take this for good luck !

I had been with the same com­pa­ny for over a decade and decid­ed it was time to move on, so this was my first job inter­view in a very long time.  I was more than a lit­tle stressed out about it…  Suit ? Cleaned and pressed.  Tie ? Tied and straight.  Shoes shined.  Socks match.  Ok, time to go.

As I’m head­ing out the door, my daugh­ter (who was about 4 at the time) rushed up and said « Dad­dy, take this for good luck ! » and hand­ed me a lit­tle plas­tic cow from a barn­yard play set.  I gave her a big hug, and rushed off, hop­ing I wouldn’t be late.

After sev­er­al hours of being poked and prod­ded tech­ni­cal­ly, and feel­ing pret­ty good about it, I’m sit­ting across from the VP of HR, a mid­dle aged woman wear­ing a con­ser­v­a­tive suit, who says « I’ve heard good things from the inter­view team, but I do have one concern… »

Uh oh…

« …You look like a pret­ty straight-laced guy, and, well, things get a lit­tle crazy here from time to time.  How do I know you’ll fit in ? »

With­out think­ing I blurt­ed out, « I have a cow in my pocket ! »

There was a moment of very awk­ward silence, and I was con­vinced I’d just blown it, but I found the cow, and set it on the table.  Anoth­er sec­ond or two went by before she burst out laughing.

I got the job.

Richard Wadding­ton

mise à jour :  20 juin 2021