Sounds like revolution

Un choc ! Un moment de pure poésie ; une force expres­sive d’une inten­sité rare. Cette femme s’appelle Iyeo­ka Okoa­wo. La « chan­son » s’intitule Sounds like rev­o­lu­tion. Les paroles sont retran­scrites sous la vidéo.

We play, fol­low the leader
Hop­ing to learn some­thing we nev­er knew.
They say
One Two Three red­lights
So we stop believ­ing the green will come for you
So you wait and we wait for the red to
Some­how dis­ap­pear…
And we stand so par­al­ized by these
times that pre­dictS our great­est fears
But deep inside you know you got­ta go
You hear
echoes of rev­o­lu­tion
Lin­ger­ing in the air
This counts for more than just being alive
Being alive
More than step aside wait­ing for the green to take you there

So rise my friends take my hand
lets all go to this promise land
Pick up a pen
make your demands
tell them how free­dom can reign again
unchain your voic­es sing me a song
that will live on and on long after we’re gone
songs like


I’ll sing u a song pow­er­ful and fear­less
twist­ed enough to throw silence down your throat
and crack on your high­er notes
I’ll sing you a song and teach you how to turn it around
and build it back to the idea in which it came from

These are man­is­fes­ta­tion of truth
trans­lat­ing trou­ble day dreams
into effort­less ser­mons of per­fect night vision
I’ll sing you a song that tells you noth­ing like lul­labys
of warn­ing labels
Will look noth­ing like mul­ti­ple choic­es
Will sound like noth­ing like point­less prepo­si­tions put there for
the pur­pose of con­trol in you and waist­ing your hard earned precious

pend­ing time
I’m search­ing for words in poems that wont con­fuse you
That will con­firm ele­ments of life you already know.
I want to give you a teste­mo­ny that tells you
That every­bodys gonna get there even­tu­al­ly
Maybe not where you are
but close enough for them to see the promise land

I’m search­ing for words in a poem that wont make you see high­er
or fur­ther or make you think too dif­fer­ent­ly from what you already
thought was an epiphany
a path and obvi­ous and inevitable argue­ble truth
We want mag­ic and bounds and bil­lion of dol­lars that lasts for­ev­er
We want to dis­cov­er our demons dressed them in white
twist their soul on a pedestal and turn them back into angels
We want dra­ma and high speed risk
We want to live our days in the echo of adren­a­line high and
testos­terone trips
with­out  the side effects of impo­tence and weakness

George Bush who wants to win the war with­out the protest
the bad press and the death tolls
You want to fire your guns with­out the risk of hit­ting inno­cent bystanders

We want to sur­vive with­out the test the tricks, the false hope
the self help books
the pop
the rock
and the hip hop videos
We want to sur­vive with­out the jour­nals and the diaries
and the real­i­ty tv shows
as if the shit in our lives aint real enough

Wall Street
you want all your stocks to rise
You want to pull out in just the right time
And ladies
You want to invest in that sure thing right ?
You need him to exist some­where
I think I’ve found him but know I’m still wait­ing to exhale
I want him to wake me up before the last dawn of the sum­mer time
thrust to the waves
pass the motion of rip tide
just so we both can see the sun rise (and the rib­bon?)
and the cloud­less sky

The sim­ple things I want to make my father proud
and my moth­er under­stand because they know I chose right this time

You see its quiter than sleep
And this is the stuff in life that can make you believe
Thats just one turn west­ward can fast for­ward all your desires
and dreams
into this clear as day real­i­ty
I know the world has nev­er been that easy
But con­sid­er the choice of slow­ing down
to let the air stuck in this moment run

These are unchained voic­es
singing you songs of famil­iar melodies
teach­ing you how to hit that note above and beyond Mid­dle C
And your bari­tone singing back­ground vocals
songs full of lala’s and do re’s
Put there for pur­pose fill­ing in the blank beats and melody cre­at­ed
and the tag says
right NOW
Show­ing you the sim­ple ways to see through all the colours of

unsolved rubiks cube
Recon­firm­ing ele­ments of life that you already know
Sing me a song full of false start and flat notes
and bro­ken bridges
and teach me how to turn it around
And we will sing those songs
and resusi­tates our soci­ety
through hard beats that jus­ti­fy human­i­ty
col­lec­tive­ly crital­ly cross cul­tur­al­ly
A song that teach­es us
That reminds us how
how to just breathe
just breathe


Sounds like revolution


mise à jour :  20 juin 2021